Attention Coaches Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

Discover How to Turn Fear and Insecurity into Unshakable Confidence and

Command the Respect You Deserve

Free Transformative Live Masterclass

Present Yourself with Impact

Hosted By: Allan Knight

Former Zen Monk

July 20 @ 1 pm EST / 10:00 am PST

What Will You Learn?

Are fears, stress, or insecurity holding you back from experiencing a high level of inner freedom and outer success?

  • Embrace the Power of a Zen Zone Mindset, and finally find freedom within our chaotic world.
  • Learn to Set Strong Boundaries and confidently say 'No' without feeling guilty or obligated.
  • Connect Effortlessly: Dive deep into Allan's unique system to connect effortlessly with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Make an Impact: Access a unique and powerful system that will enable you to achieve self-mastery, and gain the respect you deserve.

  • Shift & Uplift: Evolve into a highly confident leader, engaging speaker, and compassionate human being who is impacting the world.

Meet Your Host ... Allan Knight

Allan Knight has been a Speaking and Mindset Coach for over 25 years.

As a former Zen Monk, he teaches a unique training formula to help you effectively navigate your life within this chaotic world.

His system helps YOU the entrepreneurs/business owners, achieve a high level of inner freedom and communication mastery within 90 days or less.

He has a Masters's degree in Education from McGill University in Montreal where his thesis was all about ‘mastering our relationships with others by mastering the relationship we have with ourselves'.

Allan is also the author of Mind Gone Wild - Finding Freedom Within the Chaos, as well as the Soulmate Revolution.

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